Ripples Awarded New Hardware Patent

What does it take to invent and lead a brand new category in the market? 

When you really invent something (vs just repackaging) it means lots of R&D, and engineering, and paperwork, and then lawyers, and more paperwork, and then – patents. 

When it’s a product like the Ripple Maker, that research and design is extensive — we’ve been awarded patents for hardware, software, and food chemistry.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just been awarded our latest US based patent for the Ripple Maker II Pro. This time it’s hardware – for the auto-sensors that can detect the size and location of your cup on the tray. 

We invented this brand new thing based on feedback from early customers to make it even easier and quicker to serve Ripples-topped drinks at the touch of a button.

What new features should our team look into next?