Recipe: Vittorio Emanuele

Celebrity mixologist Dennis Zoppi created this mocktail specifically for use with the Ripples Chameleon Pod. The acidity from the orange juice creates a vibrant pink with the pH-sensitive, plant-based (cabbage juice!) extract. Named after the last King of Sardinia who became the First King of a United Italy this beautifully layered cocktail represents many parts joining up to create something beautiful together, while still remaining distinct.

Sanbitter is a popular Italian apertif, with an herbal bitterness and notes of fruit and spices. It elevates this beverage and you feel like you’re having a full cocktail experience, even though it’s an alcohol free drink. What could make this beverage even better? Of course, innovative cocktail drink designs.

Mocktail: Vittorio Emanuele

A mocktail fit for a king!


  • 40 ml non-alcoholic Sanbitter
  • 100 ml orange juice enough to fill glass to the brim
  • splash aquafaba


  • Pour Sanbitter into the bottom of the glass with ice
  • Pour orange juice gently over the back of a spoon, to create a layering effect, leave at least 10 cm at the top of the glass
  • Cold froth 20ml orange juice and a small splash of aquafaba. Gently float on the top of your drink, fill to the brim.
  • Top with a Ripples print and serve!