Announcing New Cloud Portal Features

This month we’ve updated the Ripples Cloud – your management portal to control your locations, customizable Ripples WebApp, and content – giving you more control over your Ripple Maker content and tiered access for multi-location venues.

Shared Channels

Did you know that different regions and different business types get different trending Ripples content? Well from now on that choice is up to you! Explore curated content groups from the Ripples library and add them to your Ripple Maker with just two clicks!

Our team is LOVING the Japan content this month – Spring botanicals, cat patterns, and traditional artwork with a twist – and immediately uploaded it to our own Ripple Makers as soon as the new feature launched.

Hierarchy Management

Geared especially for our Enterprise level customers (companies with ten or more Ripple Makers, sometimes spanning multiple countries and different brands). Platform users from the master/parent organization can manage accounts, locations, and content across the entire fleet, while users of the child org (say – your brand manager in Spain) can only access their own local organization on the cloud platform.

Log in to the Ripples Cloud to explore these new features, and contact support if you’d like to set up training for your team.