National Restaurant Association Show

Our team had an amazing time at the National Restaurant Association Show, where Ripples made a significant impact in the realm of drink personalization, we were thrilled to hear from many attendees that Ripples stood out as the highlight of the event – both at our booth and around the show and the city of Chicago.

Our collaboration with Tabit – Restaurant Technologies was a key facet of the show, demonstrating the powerful integration of Ripples platform with their POS system – taking personalized drink ordering to new heights. BROOD Refreshments Company Limited, with their well-crafted nitro coffee product, joined forces with us to celebrate the artistry in customized foam designs.

Another standout was Robojo‘s advanced robotic coffee bar on display at the Kitchen Innovations Showroom. Outfitted with Ripple Makers, it provided a compelling demonstration of how technology enhances the customer experience.

Additionally, we had the privilege to contribute to the launch of the new Lavazza North America training center in Chicago during the NRA weekend. It is now home to a groundbreaking brewing technique, featuring our innovative Ripples system, providing yet another fascinating avenue for beverage personalization.

The extraordinary reception at the National Restaurant Association Show underlines Ripples’ role in leading innovation within the foodservice industry. As we continue to ride this wave, we can’t wait to see the further ripples of change we will create.