Introducing Chameleon

The Science behind this mesmerizing new Ripples Pod

The Chameleon Pod is created from the pH-sensitive anthocyanin compounds found in cabbage leaves. Just like how chameleons change their skin color in reaction to their environment, the color of this extract depends on the pH of your drinks! Your lattes will be a deep, rich violet, and your stouts will be a vibrant red.

As always, the Chameleon Ripples Pod was developed and produced in the Food Tech Lab and Factory at company headquarters – meeting full global safety regulations including FDA and GMP certifications.

More about Ripples Pods:

  • Ripples Pods are cartridges filled with patented edible extract
  • Each pod can print up to 1000 designs
  • Ripples pods meet strict global safety regulations and use natural ingredients for the ink
  • The Chameleon Pod will join our Ripples Pods family including Coffee, Malt, Black Carrot and Glow

Order now!

The Chameleon Ripples Pod is available for the Ripple Maker II