Earth Day Campaign 2023

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Earth Day Campaign! More than half of Ripples customers, in more than 70 countries around the world, printed from the special “Earth Day and Oceans” Ripples channel – nearly 20,000 prints in total!

Our friends in the States participated the most – 28% of the prints came from US-based accounts.

Daisies were the most popular design – 46% of customers printed this daisy print.

However, Pandas were the clear favorite – 5 panda designs made up 50% – 10,000(!) – of all of the Earth Day prints from the campaign. They were especially popular in Europe.

We were so pleased to make a donation in your honor to Zalul, one of our favorite local charities. Our team in Israel also spent a day last week doing their own beach cleanup day!

Is there a local charity that’s near and dear to your heart? Partner with them for a campaign and help spread the word! The Ripple Maker makes it easy to upload content and track prints, so you or a matched donor can see exactly how many eyes you’re reaching with a gift per print campaign. Ask your customers to post on social media for double credit and you’ll exponentially magnify your reach and impact!