Colorful Cabbage Magic: The New Ripple Maker II Pro Uses Plant-Based Color Technology to Create Drink Prints in Vibrant Shades

The unique marketing tech is designed to help businesses and brands elevate consumer drink experiences to a new level of innovation and impact

Tel Aviv, Israel September 22, 2022: Ripples, the Bev-Top Media category leader, announced today the launch of the Ripple Maker II Pro. The new beverage-top printer features food technology with naturally changing print colors that quench rising consumer demand for novel drink experiences.

Patent-pending Chameleon Plus pods, made with flavorless cabbage extract, adjust to a drink’s pH level and print a spectrum of blue- and red-based hues that beautify cocktails. Aqua, turquoise, lavender, magenta, violet and more- depending on beverage acidity or alkalinity.

The exciting extract was created exclusively for the Ripple Maker II Pro by the late Dr. Assaf Zeira, Head of Food Technology at Ripples, who sadly passed away in early 2022. Zeira developed Ripples’ full product line of entirely plant-based printing pods, underscoring the company’s commitment to food technology that doesn’t compromise health.

“Serving up next-generation drink experiences to satisfy the next generation of drink consumers is no small challenge,” says Ripples CEO Yossi Meshulam. “Gen Y and even more so Gen Z keep food and beverage businesses on their toes by raising expectations for innovation, personalization, and sustainability. The Ripple Maker II Pro was created with these audiences in mind. We wanted to elevate their food and beverage experiences and give them eye-catching reasons to share their moments on social media.”

In addition to food technology, the Ripple Maker II Pro features a range of efficiency upgrades that ensure fast operational workflow. Dual pod holders can print two colors on a single drink and allow baristas and bartenders to switch extracts without switching pods. New automated sensor tech recognizes cup dimensions to adjust the image size and keep prints centered without manual intervention. Mixologist Or Asulin of Poupee restaurant, says “People are delighted when we serve them a Ripples-topped cocktail. I’m so happy with the new Ripple Maker II Pro version that lets my team surprise guests with the perfect drink and perfect colored print every time.”

About Ripples

Ripples is the pioneer of Bev-Top Media, an innovative platform that offers creative solutions for increasing sales and engagement in the Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Event, and Media industries. With the company’s award-winning Ripple Maker, businesses serving foam-topped drinks such as draft beer, cocktails, and lattes can create drink designs and messages that are personalized in real-time- supporting promotional activities, location-based social media shares, and long-term brand awareness. Ripples’ platform features a dynamic content feed and big data analytics tools to measure the impact of Bev-Top Media on bottom-line business results.