Brands Reach the Top With These 5 Tips for the Right Drink Toppers

It’s always fun to celebrate important events and milestones with a festive drink, and what could be more festive than a creative drink topper?

What are drink toppers?

Drink toppers are customized images and fun personal slogans that can be placed on top of any hot or cold beverage, from coffee lattes, to nitro cold brew, beer, cocktails, milkshakes and more.

The idea of placing beautiful images and fun slogans on top of drinks isn’t new, but it has evolved over the years to offer a few extra benefits. The following tips will help you and your brand take the concept of drink toppers several steps forward to provide an experience that’s more than just a pretty face.
Here are five thoughts on drink toppers you definitely want to consider.

Tasty toppings: Edible drink toppers

Some drink toppers rest on the top of the drink only to be removed when people want to consume the beverage. This is unfortunate because it means that the added value you were looking to achieve with a drink topper ends up getting in drinkers’ way. In addition, non-edible drink toppers create waste that can easily be prevented.

Instead of considering your drink toppers a separate addition, make it an integral part of the beverage by opting for edible drink toppers. We are all lucky to have multiple options for edible drink toppers, including custom printed drink toppers created using the Ripple Maker. Make use of advanced food science technology and create a topper that can delight drinkers and allow them to consume both your message and the drink seamlessly.

A personal touch: Customized drink toppers

The whole idea of drink toppers is that they allow us to say something with every drink served. Instead of a generic experience, we’re able to send a particular message that is meaningful and memorable. So, if you want to make something your own, focus on customization as part of the drink topper creation process.

There are multiple ways to customize a drink topper. You can start by printing your logo and tagline as part of the design. A more advanced option would allow drinkers themselves to personalize their drink by influencing the design. Bev-top media technology like Ripples’ enables brands to create edible drink toppers on the spot and within seconds, which means that customers will not have to wait long for their customized topper to be ready.

On top of everything: Versatile toppers

Are you celebrating a special event with a whimsical cocktail? Or maybe it’s a fancy brunch with lots of lattes? Perhaps you’re going for a casual happening serving craft beer? Each type of event calls for a different menu, and your drink toppers of choice should be able to adjust to your specific needs, not the other way around. That’s why versatility is a key factor when choosing a drink topper.

Several elements should be considered for a truly versatile experience. First, your drink toppers’ material must be suitable for multiple drink tops, like edible cocktail toppers or coffee toppers. In addition, the selection of available designs must go with a wide range of events and drinks. After all, you wouldn’t want your customers’ lattes to say “cheers!” or your fancy cocktails to read “but first, coffee.”

Off the top of your head: Creative drink toppers

Speaking of a wide variety of designs, that’s where creativity comes to play. You want your drink toppers to be unique, on-trend, beautiful, and witty. Put a smile on drinkers’ faces with funny puns (in case you hadn’t noticed, we’re huge pun fans!) and print whatever comes to mind.

Sounds simple, right? But when it comes to drink toppers, the detailed design and funny phrases have to remain accurate when placed on top of your drink. The food science method you choose for your drink toppers must ensure a perfect visual experience that doesn’t become blurry or faded after a few seconds. Here at Ripples, we focus on printed designs that last enough time for customers to enjoy them because the last thing brands want is to have to apologize and explain what should have been printed. Choose a drink topper that lets your creative juices flow but stays intact when you serve the drink.

Staying in top shape: Natural drink toppers

Just because you want to use drink toppers that are creative, edible, and versatile doesn’t mean you would ever choose design over your audiences’ health. Lots of edible drink toppers out there use chemicals that are both unhealthy and unnecessary. You can create any design in the world using nothing but natural ingredients that truly are edible and never cause any harm. When we made the decision to use 100% natural ingredients in our printed designs, we quickly realized that this choice doesn’t limit Ripples in any way. Rest assured that your brand can use any creative drink topper concept you want and remain healthy and safe.

Beer drink topper

Your use of natural ingredients is worth promoting to ease any concern drinkers may have and let your audience know how much you care about their wellbeing and what an effort your brand is making by thinking of all the details.

Drink toppers are a great way to brand your drink and keep every part of a special event on-theme. If you’re always looking for unique, creative ways to surprise customers, drink toppers should be at the top of your list. By focusing on the above tips, you’ll make the most out of this branding opportunity and create a positive experience for customers. Nothing can top that.