National Restaurant Association Show 2024 Recap

This year’s National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago was truly incredible. One of the highlights was our innovative coffee printer, which impressed many attendees with its precision and quality.

We served up printed coffees generously provided by our friends at Peet’s Coffee and La Colombe, with equipment from HLF, proudly taking the opportunity to showcase Jungle Blend and its green-yellow-magenta color scale at the National Restaurant Show for the first time.

But our showstopper is of course always the branded, interactive WebApp where people looking for that one thing to set their restaurant apart can have the same experience their customers can have by putting a selfie or a special message on a drink, or, for the first time ever, custom-printed macarons.

This year marks our tenth anniversary as a company and our sixth at the show, and we’re delighted every time at how many customers come back to tell us all of the innovative new things they’re trying (nitro mint cucumber mocktails!), how much of a difference Ripples makes in their business, and to take advantage of the show specials to order even more Ripple Makers.

We also always love hearing, “I just saw you over in the next hall!” Because while we know coming in MOST of the booths that have Ripple Makers as part of their activation, there’s always one or two we discover on day. Ripples is great for getting attention at a convention, and our catering customers are fantastic at sharing its value as a marketing tool (and as an upsell for them), so there’s always one or two brand new friends to discover at every show.

Ripples is also great at parties, and helped brands make their mark at events sponsored by Lavazza, Peet’s Coffee, and Branded Hospitality Ventures across Chicago on Monday night.

We’ve come a long way technologically in ten years but Ripples has always been about catching a customer’s undivided attention with something beautiful and meaningful to create a connection, and we were able to do that over and over at this nearly 60,000 person strong four day event.

We’ve already marked our calendars for 2025. Hope to see you there!