The Art and Science of Cold Beverage Printing with Ripples

As Ripples continues to innovate and lead in the beverage industry, we’re excited to place
a renewed emphasis on printing for cold beverages. This strategic focus aligns with our successful ventures into printing on pure coffee drinks, beer, cocktails, macarons, and more. Our decision to emphasize cold coffee beverages is driven by the significant growth and evolving consumer preferences observed in the beverage industry, particularly in the US market. With cold coffee sales booming and younger consumers leading the trend, there’s clear evidence of sustained long-term growth. Additionally, the increasing demand for customization and year-round consumption, even in colder winter months,
highlights the cold coffee segment’s potential as a key sales channel for operators.

The Challenge of Printing on Cold Beverages
Printing on cold beverages presents unique challenges due to condensation and differences in foam consistency compared to hot beverages. Traditional printing methods often struggle to adhere to the surface, resulting in faded or smudged designs.
Printing on cold beverages presents unique challenges that require innovative solutions:

  1. Adhesion and Durability: Ensuring ink adheres and resists condensation.

  2. Temperature Sensitivity: Maintaining print quality across varying temperatures.

  3. Foam and Texture Variability: Addressing diverse textures like foam or carbonation

  4. Customization Precision: Achieving consistent, detailed prints on cold surfaces.

  5. Consumer Expectations: Meeting aesthetic standards and beverage appeal.

These challenges necessitate a comprehensive approach, leveraging advanced technology and collaboration to develop tailored solutions for printing on cold beverages.

Understanding Foam Differences

Foam is a critical component in cold beverages, particularly in drinks like iced coffees, cold brews, and frappuccinos. The texture and consistency of the foam can vary significantly depending on the beverage, impacting print quality and longevity. Our advanced printing technology is designed to adapt to these variations, ensuring consistent and vibrant prints regardless of foam differences.

Optimal Cold Beverage Options

  • Iced Coffees and Cold Brews
    Why: These popular cold beverages offer a smooth and consistent surface for printing, allowing for vibrant and detailed coffee art designs without compromising the beverage’s flavor or texture.

  • Smoothies and Milkshakes
    Why: With their thick and creamy texture, smoothies and milkshakes provide a great canvas for printing, allowing for creative and eye-catching designs that enhance the visual appeal of these refreshing drinks.

  • Iced Teas and Herbal Infusions
    Why: Iced teas and herbal infusions offer a clear and translucent base, allowing for clear and vibrant prints that complement the natural colors and flavors of the beverages, enhancing their overall presentation.

  • Frozen Cocktails and Mocktails
    Why: Frozen cocktails and mocktails, such as daiquiris and margaritas, offer a unique and fun opportunity for printing, allowing for colorful and creative designs that resonate with the playful nature of these beverages.

  • Fruit Juices and Lemonades
    Why: Fruit juices and lemonades offer a vibrant and colorful base, allowing for bright and lively prints that complement the natural flavors and aromas of the beverages, enhancing their visual and sensory appeal.

  • Fruit-based Mocktails
    Why: Fruit-based mocktails, such as virgin mojitos and pina coladas, offer a flavorful and colorful base, allowing for creative and enticing designs that resonate with the tropical and fruity notes of these refreshing drinks.

  • Cold Herbal and Fruit Infusions
    Why: Cold herbal and fruit infusions offer a natural and refreshing base, allowing for subtle and elegant prints that enhance the visual and sensory experience of these health-conscious beverages.

  • Cold Brew Teas and Coffees
    Why: Cold brew teas and coffees offer a rich and smooth base, allowing for detailed prints that complement the complex flavors and aromas of these artisanal beverages.

  • Specialty Cold Beverages
    Why: Specialty cold beverages, such as matcha lattes, chia seed drinks, and kombucha, offer unique and distinctive bases, allowing for creative and innovative prints that cater to niche and adventurous tastes, enhancing their overall appeal and marketability.

Why Ripples Chose to Focus on Cold Coffee

The strategic decision to focus on cold coffee beverages is driven by the growing consumer demand and market potential observed within the beverage industry, particularly in the US market. Cold coffee sales are booming, with rising demand among younger consumers and sustained long-term growth prospects.

The shift towards cold beverages is not a new trend but has been steadily growing over time. As Peter Giuliano, Executive Director at The Coffee Science Foundation and Chief Research Officer at the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), points out, there has been a strong tendency towards cold beverages in the US, similar to the evolution observed with iced tea becoming more popular than hot tea over the years. 

Recent consumer surveys and industry reports further validate the growing popularity of iced coffee in the US. Nearly a quarter (24%) of consumers surveyed consume iced coffee daily, up 7% from 2022, with 30% having purchased an iced coffee in-store within the last 12 months. Industry leaders also recognize iced coffee’s popularity as the most important consumer trend affecting the US branded coffee shop market, ahead of the growth of specialty coffee and drive-thrus.

With Starbucks reporting that 75% of beverage sales across their 15,800-plus US stores were cold in the third quarter of 2023, and cold espresso sales growing 13% year-on-year, it’s evident that cold coffee beverages are becoming increasingly mainstream and dominant in the market.

In Europe, the cold beverage market is experiencing similar growth, with an increasing number of consumers seeking innovative and customized options. In Asia, cold beverages, especially iced teas, fruit juices, and bubble teas, have seen tremendous success in Asia. With a growing young and urban population, there’s a significant opportunity for businesses to capitalize on this trend by offering personalized and creative cold beverage options.

In summary, the growing consumer preference for cold beverages, fueled by changing lifestyles, younger demographics, and prolonged warm weather, and innovative customization options, makes the cold coffee segment a strategic focus area for Ripples to explore and capitalize on these emerging trends, consumer preferences, and market opportunities.

Why Choose Ripples’ Cold Beverage Printing Solutions?

  1. High-Quality Printing: Our advanced technology ensures crisp, clear, and vibrant designs that stand out on cold beverages, even with varying foam consistencies.

  2. Versatility: Ideal for various segments including hospitality, Coffee & Restaurants, events and more, offering endless possibilities for customization and creativity.

  3. Branding and Customization: Personalize each beverage with logos, messages, and designs to enhance brand awareness, customer engagement, and loyalty.

How to Promote Cold Beverage Printing

  1. Limited-Time Offers: Create special promotions for seasonal or holiday-themed cold beverages to attract customers and drive sales.

  2. Branding Opportunities: Offer customized cold beverages with corporate logos or event-specific designs. 

  3. Interactive Experiences: Offer real time selfie printing or Host live printing events where customers can watch their designs come to life on their cold beverages.

  4. Social Media Campaigns: Encourage customers to share their personalized cold beverages on social media platforms using a unique hashtag to increase brand visibility and engagement.


With Ripples’ advanced cold beverage printing solutions, businesses can elevate their offerings, engage customers, and drive growth in a rapidly expanding market.
Embrace the future of beverage customization with Ripples and transform every

cold beverage into a canvas for creativity, brand storytelling, and unforgettable customer experiences.