Especially for You: These Personalized Coffee Tips Will Get Customers to Warm up to Your Brand

January 15, 2021

In the age of self-expression, we don’t want the same product that everyone else is getting. We want brands to acknowledge the unique snowflake in each and every one of us and offer something special. Perhaps that’s why research finds that people are willing to pay 20% more for personalized products. So, how can F&B brands hop on the personalization wagon? They can start by customizing everyone’s go-to drink, coffee. If you want to choose the right images and text to print on personalized coffee, here are nine concepts to guide you. Pour yourself a cup, and let’s get started.

Our top tips for personalized coffee drinks

  1. 1. Read the room: Tailor your message to the target audience

Who will be drinking your personalized coffee?
You know your target audience better than anyone else and can use this in-depth understanding to improve everything you do, including customized drinks. If you cater to different groups, create specific content strategies for each one. Think of the type of jokes they find hilarious, popular culture references that are likely to resonate, or local events. Ask your marketing team (or baristas) to offer insights regarding customers’ interests and preferences and pick the prints you know will speak to them. This is the sure path to generate smiles, brand loyalty, and social media shares.

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  1. 2. Live in the moment: Follow current trends

Personalized coffee is trending, and so are many other things you should consider! To be a trendsetter, you have to follow all the latest news and personalize your hot drinks according to the hottest trends. That’s precisely why Ripples offers fresh content to go with your fresh coffee and updates the available prints according to the current season, holidays, and trends. 

Start by reading our comprehensive F&B trends list for 2021, which covers the many ways in which current market shifts have influenced your customers’ choices. Then, visit blogs that your target audience reads to discover specific phrases and visuals you should add to your content list. Relevant news will inspire Real-Time Marketing (RTM) ideas to print on coffee. 

Keep in mind that trends change and evolve over time, and so must your printed coffee content strategy. When the seasons change, customers gravitate towards different messages and visuals. Even if your current visuals are popular, make sure to keep your content up-to-date and surprise customers time and again.

  1. 3. Do the data dance: Base your personalization on data

Take the previous ideas to the next level by basing your personalized coffee content choices on data instead of gut feelings. Visit our F&B Data Insights page to discover content recommendations segmented by vertical, region, sentiment, and more. The results can be surprising and will offer you general inspiration alongside specific suggestions. 

  1. 4. Just ask: Let customers choose their own personalized coffee content 

Want to know what’s on customers’ minds? Give them a chance to answer this question themselves. User-Generated Content (UGC) allows customers to create their own content and share it with the world. Ripples’ Web App invites customers to print their own messages and images on coffee to make it as personalized as possible. After all, many of the other ideas mentioned here will win the hearts of different target groups, but if you want to get really granular, giving individuals the tools to produce content themselves is the best. Latte selfie, anyone?

  1. 5. The name of the game: Print customers’ names

The legendary author and salesperson Dale Carnegie once said that “A person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language.” If you want to create personalized coffee that people are guaranteed to appreciate, print their name. It’s that simple. You can add a special touch by wishing them “Happy Birthday” or letting regular customers know that it’s great to see them again. This will create an even stronger bond with your audience, which is the ultimate goal for personalized products.

  1. 6. In the stars: Print a latte horoscope 

Another great option for coffee personalization is printing customers’ horoscopes. Sure, not everyone is into that, but you can still make it work if you keep things light and positive. If your target group enjoys astrology, even just for entertainment, print short and sweet messages that will make visiting your business extra fascinating. 

  1. 7. Put your brand in the center: Make your logo and tagline stand out 

If your customers chose to visit your business or buy your product, it means that they consider you a part of who they are. Today’s audiences feel a personal connection to brands, which means that printing your logo and tagline could be a great way to customize coffee drinks. You’ll gain significant branding value when these prints are shared on customers’ social media pages, which is why you should feature your logo even when printing other visuals.  

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  1. 8. Get interactive: Ask social media fans what they want

Turn your printed coffee content strategy into a fun, interactive event. Post polls on social media and invite your audience to suggest ideas and support the prints they love the most. You can invite customers to join a competition and offer the winner a chance to feature their design in your shop and enjoy fun rewards. This will make sure that your personalized coffee is popular with customers and contribute to your reputation as an attentive and engaging brand. 

  1. 9. Conversation starter: Encourage conversations

Speaking of forming a dialogue, what could be better than to use your customized coffee as a conversation starter? Print fun questions and topics for readers to discuss. If your business is a place where (on days without social distancing restrictions) people have meetings and dates, these icebreakers will eliminate awkward silences and give you a competitive edge. 

As you can see, there are many ways to personalize the coffee you offer customers using customized prints. We’re sure that the more you use the Ripple Maker, the more you learn about what works for your brand and target audience. With a little extra thought and attention, personalized printed coffee will help your brand rise above the noise, and engage with your customers on a whole new level.

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