Hyperlocal content – A new way to communicate with customers in your community

July 13, 2017

Social media’s global takeover has made it incredibly easy for us to get all up in each other’s business. Literally.
Therefore, marketers carrying the virality and success of their brands on their shoulders have figured out the following:

1. We have found a need to post, tweet, snap, and upload minute details of our lives onto every social media channel in existence.
2. Social media shares often include feedback about people we love, products we purchase and places we frequent.
3. Social media apps introduce a new way for businesses to reach their customers and, through IoT (Internet of Things) can aid in the personalization of the products these customers consume.

Et voila! Hyperlocal content marketing was born, a term used to describe a relatively inexpensive way to communicate with customers in your community, with similar interests at the personal level. While hyperlocal content is not quite yet on everyone’s radar, businesses harnessing its potential are already reaping huge rewards. And we seriously think you should too.

The Power of Hyperlocal

Hyperlocal is not just about spreading the news about your business on social media, it is about incorporating what you learn into your own business model, taking into account geolocation as one of your key factors. For example, knowledge about events happening in the community, local holidays, even the weather all contribute to personalizing the experience for customers and ensure that they come back to a shop that literally knows where they’re coming from, what they’re doing and where they’re going. Once customers form a relationship with a particular store location, the employees can learn more about how to personalize the content they produce for their clientele.

History of Hyperlocal

Business Got Personal. Get Over It.

Remember when Starbucks exploded onto the scene and introduced a new way to get personal with customers? Rather than assigning us a number, like the ones we stare at all day, they remembered that we all have names. It was a nice feeling to be holding a cup made to your specifications with your name handwritten on the side. Baristas suddenly had the opportunity to learn your order, remember your name, and expect your arrival. And they were definitely onto something. When their strategy then became to get our names wrong and give you something to share and talk about on social media, they were nothing short of genius. They were beginning to understand not only the power of social media buzz and its effect on their business, but also how a global brand could make such a local impact.

Startbucks cup

Photo by Jasper Visser

Beyond Names

In 2012, Coca-Cola gave personalized experiences a go and won big. While their campaign certainly had that cool factor with customized cans (and bottles), the personalized experiences these cans triggered were priceless. If you bought a can for someone with their name on it, and waited for their reaction, almost every time, it was a moment worth capturing, right? But then, they kicked up the level of personalization a notch. Any customer was able to type in what he/she wanted to appear on the can, and order as many as were needed for a party, marriage proposal, or just a Friday night. Their campaign slogan? “Share a Coke.” This campaign enabled the Coca-Cola brand to become part of their customers’ most personal life moments.

Coca-Cola bottles

Photo by Bob B. Brown

So, yet again, a ginormous global brand managed to reach their customers at the personal, local level. Coca Cola’s masters of marketing continue to impact the marketing campaigns of other businesses, both big and small, seeking to expand and benefit from the age of personalization. But, they are still missing the magic link.

Local Lovin’

Are you not one of these brand names that appears on every billboard on your way to work? You’ve got a leg up then when it comes to hyperlocal content, as you interact with your customers each and every day.
You see who they are and know the events happening at your location(s). Use this to your advantage. Greet, surprise, educate, remind and celebrate with customers in your community. Serve them content that will not only engage them, but surprise and impress them, so much so, they’ll be rushing to share their reactions on their social media pages. Just because you may be running a local business does not mean you can’t have a global influence.
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