5 At-Home Mixologists Share Their Favorite Quarantine Cocktails

March 30, 2020

For better or worse, the shift towards at-home mixology couldn’t be more timely.
This list of home mixologist influencers from around the globe – and their Instagammable works of drink art – will inspire you to get crafty at your own bar cart.

As all things seasonal, local, and even foraged continue to dominate cocktail trends, you’ll find sustainable ingredients featured heavily, alongside a preference for premium spirits, and an emphasis on what makes the at-home drink experience uniquely entertaining.

Most of these delicious recipes are also simple to make, so if you prefer your silver linings in drinkable form, take heart.

Bottoms up! (and off the sofa)


Winner of Saveur Magazine’s Best Drinks Blog, the Moody Mixologist is a self-proclaimed ‘cocktail designer and forager of wild edibles with a love of organic ingredients and a propensity for creating moody imagery.’ Shaking up her background in fine art with an interest in herbs and medicinal plants, she creates beautiful cocktails with a botanical twist.



As the name suggests, the Margarita Mum’s drink of choice is the common Margarita, though her creative interpretations on the classic cocktail are anything but. While most of her recipes use Tequila or Mezcal as a base, she often includes non-alcoholic alternatives and low-sugar substitutes for indulgence that’s also guilt-free.

‘Shutdown, My Town’ Margarita


The devil’s in the details and Danish mixologist Morten Krag may just be his trusty sidekick. Krag delights in transforming classic cocktail recipes with subtle variations that add over-the-top excitement. Like this sophisticated twist on a Gin Sour.

Elderflower Gin Sour

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🥁 (annonce/GIN SOUR) 🥁 It’s now official – @gintossen announced the winners of 100 bottles of @beefeatergin and the fact that this exact Gin is the Worlds most Awarded Gin 🥁 Congratulations to the 10 Winners, and their friends🥳 🥁 This of course was the perfect excuse (do one really need one) to make a delicious Gin Sour 🥁 Of course made with a wee trademark variation©️ 🥁 AWARDS & BEEFS 🥁 5 cl Gin 1.5 cl Freshly squeezed Lemon juice 1 cl Freshly squeezed Lime juice 2 cl Elderflower Liqueur (@thebittertruthcompany ) 1 Dash of Aromatic Bitters 1 Egg white Dry shake 15-20 sec Ice shake 15-20 sec Fine strain into a chilled glass Garnish dried Persian rose leafs and dehydrated lime wheels Enjoy🔱 Skål🥂 . #cocktails #drinks #ginandtonic #gintonic #bartender #vodka #bar #cocktail #mixology #wine #alcohol #ginlovers #gintossen #gintime #ginstagram #drinkup #tonic #drink #craftcocktails #love #party #whisky #cocktail #mixologist #drinkstagram #beer #craftcocktail #ginoclock #barman #ginsour

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Don’t let the name fool you, The Amateur Mixologist was named UK’s Home Bartender of the Year for 2019 by HBA. If you like your cocktail simple and with a side of witty banter on social media – he’s your man.

Rose Marshmallow Rum Sour

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Hey 👋, and welcome to a new short series of drinks called ‘Photos I took of cocktails before COVID-19 changed all our lives’ or as I like to refer to it: PITOCBCCAOL…. wait, let me hashtag that…. #pitocbccaol 💪. . Changed our lives it has and it will continue to. So here’s a tiny list to help in a tiny way so we might find or rediscover a tiny bit of our own humanity: • stay healthy / exercise • self-isolate but don’t completely isolate i.e. communicate • open the windows and let in some fresh air • if you have substances or habits that you turn to for coping mechanisms, please try the first three things on my list first. . My buddy @highproofpreacher posted some wise words yesterday (check out his cappuccino post). Now normally, I don’t like to be friends with people who have milk with their coffee… but I couldn’t agree more with him. I started doing this drinkstagram thing to help people see that cocktails at home were attainable but that they could also be part of an alternative, more mindful drinking culture where we can appreciate the craft and find healthy balance. . Right now, what we all need to find is healthy balance and if that means, like Preachy said, giving me an unfollow if looking at cocktails is not helpful for you right now, great 👍; if it means mixing a drink to share with a loved one in person or over FaceTime, great 👍; if that means, laying off the booze, or the coffee, or the giant toasted marshmallows for a time, also great. . If that means salivating over an ingredient list…well, this drink is a rum sour using solera rum washed with melted marshmallow and paired with rose liqueur. Oooosh. Stay smart. Stay safe. — • 40ml @santateresarumuk washed with melted/toasted marshmallow • 20ml @laniquedrinks rose liquer • 20ml lemon • 10ml lime • 5ml @monin_uk orgeat • egg white . #rum #rumsour #rumlove #rumlovers

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Garnish Girl is a regular contributor at Liquor.com and her blog is featured on both Drizly and Foodista. But her Instagram feed is where the real cocktail magic happens. This fun recipe pairs kiwi berries and kumquats which she managed to forage before quarantine – but if you’re lucky enough to have a budding backyard you can switch out whatever you have on hand. Store bought fruits work too!


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During my last big shopping trip before self-isolating, I was lucky enough to find both kiwi berries (see two posts ago) AND kumquats! Last time I visited my in-laws in Louisiana I picked kumquats right off the tree and discovered how great they can be. They’re such surprising little fruits with their sweet skins and tart flesh. Kumquat syrup makes a great daiquiri and is also delicious in this whiskey sour riff. . Kumquarantine (Sorry, couldn’t resist) 2 oz. rye whiskey (@redemptionwhiskey) 3/4 oz. kumquat syrup* 3/4 oz. lemon juice 1/4 oz. @apologueliqueurs Saffron Liqueur 1/2 oz. egg white Reverse dry shake and strain into a coupe. Garnish with kumquat slices and thyme. *For syrup, simmer 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup sugar until sugar is dissolved. Add 1 cup quartered kumquats and simmer briefly. Mash lightly with a muddler or potato masher. Remove from heat and let sit, covered, for at least 30 minutes. Strain and let cool before using. . . . #cocktails #cocktailrecipes #quarantinecocktails #quarantini #whiskeysour #whiskeycocktails #rye #kumquats #eggwhitecocktails #garnish #garnishgame #drinks #booze #liquor #saffronliqueur #liqpic #liquorgram #imbibe #imbibegram #drinkstagram #cocktailsofinstagram #happyhour #mixology #craftcocktails #homemixology

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