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Product Details and Logistics – The Nuts and Bolts

  • Installation will take up to 30 minutes and includes choosing the right location, connecting to the internet, and printing a test design. It’s a pretty similar process to setting up an office printer.
  • Each cup takes 10-15 seconds to print.

    Your Ripple Maker will plug right into your regular wall outlet and connect to your wifi.

  • Your team won’t need any training – just place a drink on the tray and tap the screen to select your design – that’s it.

  • The coffee-based extract has a subtle coffee aroma, and the malt-extract is completely odorless. Neither affect your drink’s taste

Ripples Return on Investment

Customers who charge consumers for Ripples, report full ROI in only 3-5 months. Customers who utilize Ripples as part of their Customer Experience program, say that for the minimal cost that Ripples costs to produce, it represents the highest ROI of their program.

  • Heidi Bakery was highlighted in the Washington Post.

  • Carrera Cafe’ has been in featured in Vogue, LA Magazine, and countless other publications.

  • One of our franchises saw an 8% increase in milkshake sales. One bar 4x’d their Guinness Sales in 4 months. 

  • Other clients have seen a 50% jump in their YELP/ Google Reviews and corresponding jumps in social shares.

Thirsty for more?

Watch success stories from Ripples customers around the globe, or check out the tutorials. See exactly how to create and upload your own designs, your 30 second daily maintenance routine, and how to pour the perfect beer or latte for your Ripples “canvas”.