Coffee Makes an Impact with Ripples and Twix

January 2, 2018

Customer: MARS Twix

Campaign: #twixandcoffee Pop Up Coffee Stands in Denmark, Sweden and Finland

Key Stats:

  • 3 Countries

  • 24 events

  • 4,321 Ripples coffees served

When MARS wanted to promote TWIX® chocolate bars in Nordics, to enhance the association of the brand in the coffee moment with its chocolate and biscuit credentials, they joined forces with Ripples™ coffee, empowering brands to create a strong lasting impression on consumers.

MARS chose to incorporate Ripples, an innovative marketing platform for brands and hospitality businesses, into their promotion of the TWIX® throughout Sweden, Denmark and Finland. MARS installed Ripple Maker devices, which print beautiful high-resolution images and messages onto coffee foam, in pop-up coffee stands at 24 events across the three countries (8 events per country) over 4 weeks. The aim of the campaign was to engage with consumers in a compelling and personal way, producing an emotional response that would resonate for a long time after they enjoyed the TWIX®.

MARS’ baristas were trained to use the Ripple Maker to print guests’ photos and messages onto the milk foam of cappuccinos. The cappuccinos were given out for free with a TWIX® chocolate bar in the Nordics. The campaign message emphasised that “TWIX® is great with coffee”. This message was conveyed through the POS branding and the messages printed by Ripples on to cappuccinos. The campaign saw over 4,000 coffees served and resulted in dozens of pictures shared on social media channels, some went viral, reaching over 4,000 likes on Instagram.

“Including Ripples intensified the impact of the campaign” states Camilla Hinze, Brand Activation Manager at Mars Multisales Nordics. “When the baristas handed out cappuccinos with high-resolution images and messages printed on to the foam, you could tell that people were delighted to see their own photos and designs printed, and they immediately wanted to show their friends. People were sharing pictures of the Ripples coffees on social media using our campaign hashtag #twixandcoffee, which was exactly the effect we were looking for.”


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“With experiential marketing campaigns, you need an element of surprise to really grab people’s attention,” said Yossi Meshulam, CEO of Ripples. “Ripples is perfect for making that happen, and it can be used in so many ways to communicate your brand’s message. Not only do you win eyeballs during the event, you also gain buzz on social media that goes far beyond it both geographically and lasts for a long time afterwards.”

“TWIX® is great with coffee because it combines biscuits and chocolate, but it was Ripples that brought new experience to the occasion and created buzz around it” concludes Camilla Hinze  “Other shoppers in the local area soon heard about it and came to visit the TWIX® coffee stand. You could see the smiles and laughter as people shared photos of their drinks, and we believe the memory of this happy moment will lead them to choose TWIX® when they next crave a coffee and chocolate fix.”

The Ripple Maker™ is a counter-top sized device that uses natural coffee extract as ink to print inspiring designs atop any foam-topped beverage. The designs can be printed from the Ripple Maker’s on-device library or uploaded via the Coffee Ripples App. The platform has already proved successful for delivering strong ROI for marketing campaigns as consumers form a lasting impression of their interaction with the brand, which leads to future sales and positive sentiment.  Ripples has been used by several top brands including Facebook, Twitter, Google and Hilton Hotels to create memorable experiences, connect with customers on an emotional level, and reinforce their brand identity.