Case Study: Ripples Brings Unique Value to Two Ruba at Hilton

March 22, 2018

When James Ross, Director of Operations at Hilton London Tower Bridge, first saw Ripples he knew it would be perfect for adding impact and a unique twist to cocktails at the hotel’s opulent TwoRuba bar.

Serving expertly crafted cocktails in a sophisticated bar and lounge, TwoRuba brings a dash of glamour and lashings of luxury to Tower Bridge. The mixologists at TwoRuba are using Ripples to enhance and personalize a variety of exclusively devised cocktails for VIP guests, conferences and events such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

James Ross, Director of Operations at Hilton London Tower Bridge, decided to purchase Ripples after seeing a demo of the Ripple Maker at the Hilton group’s Food and Beverage conference. “Ripples is quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and instantly sparked my imagination,” says James. “London is an extremely competitive market for cocktails, so our goal for TwoRuba is to deliver an exceptional customer experience that enhances the identity of the bar. Ripples brings that special wow factor that ensures ours stand out.”

Rather than charging extra for a drink, TwoRuba have employed Ripples to deliver impact that creates a lasting impression on customers, as James explains: “Whether you’re serving a cocktail or a coffee, Ripples adds uniqueness and value to that drink. Customers are really impressed and excited when they see it. The bonus is that they share a photo of their drink on social media, which yields value on our side, as it helps build buzz for TwoRuba as a destination venue.”

James continues: “Our team is really enjoying using the Ripple Maker, it’s highly intuitive with the touchscreen that allows you to choose from hundreds of designs or upload your own. The reaction you get is fantastic, and it’s proving valuable for creating a highly personalized VIP service. On top of this, it’s extremely easy to use and very reliable – even at busy times, as it only takes a few seconds to print”.

Hilton London Tower Bridge has also served coffee and cocktails with customized Ripples at the request of guests during important business meetings, as well as some more personal events, according to James: “We recently had a request from room service for a marriage proposal to be printed on a coffee. Naturally, the receiver’s answer was yes!”

Ripples have been installed at selected Hilton Hotel locations, including the Hilton Tel Aviv. Ripples has already been adopted by several major hotels around the world, including Marriott, Shangri-La and Royal Palm Beach Tel Aviv, and several of the world’s top brands such as IBM, Twitter and Lavazza.

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