Case Study: Carrera Cafe in West Hollywood, California

January 1, 2018

Kia was so intrigued with Ripples technology that he opened a cafe. Kia explains that for him, it was a “no brainer”, and that the opportunities for branding and creating a unique and personal customer experience was an opportunity not to be missed.

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Using Ripples to Connect to Customers and Make Their Day

According to Kia, coffee drinkers and foodies in Los Angeles are used to seeing things that are really cool, hip and trendsetting. Kia knew that using the Ripples’ Ripple Maker technology to create personalized beverages would be the thing to surpass his coffee drinkers expectations, and he was right.

Once the word spread that you can print a custom picture on the surface of a latte, iced or hot, “People come in droves to visit us and the customer reaction is just awe”, says Kia. One regular customer at Carrera even started asking his clients to meet him there, as she knew he would be able to surprise them with a custom print based on whatever project they were working on.

From birthdays to Mother’s and Father’s day to baby announcements and bridal showers, customers are finding their own unique ways to personalize their experience.

Noticeable Growth and Success

The goal at Carerra Cafe was to grow a consistent customer base while continually gaining new clientele. By using Ripples to increasingly change and create new content and images, Kia says, “I think our customers are looking forward to what the new content is, and those people that wouldn’t normally come back as often, end up coming sooner because they want to see what we have to offer”. He also notes that her clients were eager to bring their friends and family to Carerra to show them what they can do. Ripples has increased the return rate exponentially. When Carerra Cafe started they were printing approx. 50 to 100 Ripples designs a month, but that quickly grew to more than 2000 monthly.

Social Sharing

The beauty of the Ripple Maker is that every customer is able to create their own individual and meaningful image. Kia now finds her customers and coffee all over Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat and has grown his presence on social media through content marketing all thanks to their shares and reposts. “We’ve created an online presence that is very unique and people look to see what kind of trends that we’re setting.” He adds that “It’s also word of mouth, it is such a unique option that we can provide here and people are sharing that”.

Making Ripples in the Neighborhood and Across the World

In the beginning, for the first six months, Carerra Cafe was giving out customized Ripples for free, but they soon realized it was an easy way to monetize as a modifier, that can be offered as an option. Charging a dollar extra for the Ripple print still provides a fair value to customers but helps cover the costs, while making a little bit of extra money. Kia Illulian explains that to him, “You invest a little bit of money and you get a massive return”. She goes onto explain that the return is not only in dollars, but, “There is an incredible value in press and branding”. Carrera has now been internationally recognized because of their unique Ripples experience and coffee. Kia knows that providing Ripples has made Carerra Cafe a hotspot not to be missed, and has provided a competitive edge against other cafes in the neighborhood.


  • Carerra Cafe has 24k followers on instagram and their own unique hashtag for customers to post their coffee pictures. #HELLO
  • There were more 100 reviews on Yelp and more than 50% are 5 stars. Almost every review specifically has a photo showing a Ripples print coffee, and specifically mentions Ripples or using the Coffee Ripples app.
  • Ripples has made Carerra Cafe a specific destination for both locals and tourists for uniquely designed coffee.
  • Has increased traffic to the store as well as social media presence