Guinness Roadshow Campaign

3 months, 24 bars, and so much fun

Guinness and Ripples go better together. We’ve known this for a while and have tested it for multiple factors, like boosting sales, amplifying experience, and engaging customers both on premise and on social media. But ‘Print Your Own Pint’, the latest Ripples roadshow campaign with Guinness Israel, was especially fun — and the numbers prove it!

Campaign Background and Objectives

The roadshow took place between March and June of 2022. Eight Ripple Maker IIs were deployed ‘on the go’ and used as part of a nation-wide engagement campaign at various locations around the country, with a total of 24 bars and three months of activations. The campaign was designed to target three distinct KPIs.

Boost organic social media engagement

Guinness is recognized as a traditional brand, but their marketing is beyond innovative. Owned by Diageo, one of the world’s largest producers of beer and spirits, the global Guinness team invests significant resources and effort in technology and experiential marketing to remain timelessly appealing to new audiences. Having a strong digital presence and an engaged community on social media is a critical component of their strategy. That’s where Ripples’ eye-catching and shareable drink designs come into play.

Increase Guinness sales

A single pint of Guinness can feel satisfying, but with so many fun and personalized Ripples design options to choose from or create — customers are often compelled to order another round just to get another great drink print.

Grow market share

Beyond appealing to existing customers, making Ripples available exclusively on Guinness beer at participating bars during this roadshow campaign meant that even customers who had never ordered Guinness before were now curious to try it (more details on those numbers below). With the right content, this gave Guinness a unique opportunity to make connections and recruit new loyal fans to the brand.

“Collaborating with Ripples felt like a powerful creative brainstorm,” said Guinness Israel Brand Manager Ofir Asor. “Passion for the product created a successful campaign on both sides as well as a lively drinking experience for consumers. The results speak for themselves with a direct and positive impact across all of our target KPIs.”

“The results speak for themselves with a direct and positive impact across all of our target KPIs.”

Ofir Asor Brand Manager, Guinness Israel

Customer Journey and Content Strategy

Bars and restaurants are increasingly using digital data to personalize customer experiences, even in on-premise environments, and beverage-top media is one of several emerging technologies that enable this trend. Here’s how the physical to digital customer journey unfolded in this roadshow campaign:

In order to be as relevant and engaging as possible, content themes were based on location, local events, and cultural slang or humor. Using the Ripples WebApp, customers could also upload their own personalized content such as dog selfies, funny messages, or images of favorite TV shows.

The app was made available through a simple QR code scan — so no download was needed, and Guinness easily customized the app interface with their logo and other branded design elements.

Campaign Results

Numbers don’t lie, and the results of this campaign exceeded expectations across all three KPIs of community engagement, sales, and market share.

Guinness Community


increase in followers across social media

During the roadshow, the average number of posts shared among the local Guinness community on Facebook and Instagram more than doubled. The number of unique visitors to the community page also increased by more than 60% due to related activity from participating bars and the stories and personal feeds of visitors. This translated into 10% growth in Guinness community members on social media that was directly attributable to the campaign.

Guinness Sales


more pints of Guinness served on average among participating bars

As expected, drink prints drive more rounds of beer. Standout sales highlights include an average increase of 37% among Northern Israel’s more laid-back bar scene, and an impressive 63% increase in Jerusalem.

Guinness Market Share


first-time Guinness drinkers

This finding is one of the most exciting outcomes of the campaign and was enabled by using a newly available live quiz feature in the Ripples WebApp to collect real-time data insights. The feature was used to support the objective of measuring Ripples’ effect on market share growth or the ability to recruit new fans. A whopping 36% of customers presented with the question: Is this your first time drinking Guinness?  answered ‘YES’!


By successfully bridging the physical and digital brand experience, this Guinness and Ripples roadshow campaign left a definite taste for more. Additional campaign collaborations are currently being planned to drill down on testing unique content for the brands’ most desirable target audiences. Stay tuned!