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Ripples’ technology-powered marketing platform helps you boost sales, build your brand, and strengthen the bond with customers through messages and images printed on foam-topped drinks.

Cafe Lorees Selfie coffee

Café Lorees

Most people that come here saw us on Instagram – they saw the photos because people tagged us. It’s also helped us build a very strong community on Instagram. We’ve gotten more than 7000 organic followers in just two months.” – Lorees Eid, Owner

Gap Store Coffee Prints

Gap Café

“Ripples has proven to be a great attraction. Young women come and post the pictures to social media, and we’re getting more and more young people visiting the café. …  It helps us sell clothes, the store and café sell concurrently.” – Mr. Ueno, Store Manager

Halloween Coffee Cafe Georgetown

Café Georgetown

“After witnessing the impact of the Ripple Maker at Carrera Café, I flew home and ordered one. I love how fast and how small that the Ripple Maker is and it fits in perfectly with our cozy café here in Georgetown.” – Emel Bayrak, Owner, Café Georgetown

Printed Guinness Pints


“It has the ability to make people feel special… People wanna start their toast with it, their night with it … it plays into that premium experience…We’re scaling it out as quickly as we can.” – Jay Sethi, CMO of Diageo

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