St. Patrick’s Day Experience

Each and every pint served during your celebration is the perfect canvas. Offer your customers a personalized, fun and unique experience that will make them smile, snap and share their drinks on social media.

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What’s in it for me?

Each and every pint served is an opportunity to:

Sell More Pints

Ripples is great for creating fun interactions among customers – the kind that leads to ordering another round, and coming back the next day to show other friends.

Drive Organic Social Media

The ultimate way to make a pint go viral – get that Instagrammable love for your brand!

Make Memorable Moments

Engaging customers is easy with personalized branded content.

Keep the Party Going All Year

The Ripple Maker is the ideal platform to amplify any campaign or event.

Ripples Package for St. Patrick’s Day

$3080 $2530

  • – Ripple Maker II Printer – $2100
  • – 2 Malt (Brown) Pods (Edible-Ink Cartridges) – $300
  • – 3 Custom designs with your logo – $200
  • – 1 Year Enhanced Subscription Plan – $480

Visit the order page to see pricing in regional currency

Ready to order?

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Beer printed with text "My beer just went viral"

“Our sales have tripled since introducing the Ripple Maker”


– The Cask, Seoul

Includes 3 Custom Designs or Frames

You will get 3 designs of your own logo as part of the package. Request a frame to add to your logo to your customers’ selfies to increase brand reach.
Guinness Content


  • Branded design package – 3 unique designs with your logo
  • Content Feed – Fun, St. Patrick’s Day content, and more than 2000 designs at your fingertips for events and holidays year-long!
Ripple Maker Details


  • Prints in 10 seconds
  • Easy operational flow for peak hours
  • Sleek design with minimal counter-top footprint
  • Requirements: Wi-Fi, electric socket
  • Dedicated, 24/7 Customer Support (in English)
Malt Pod Close-up


Edible “Ink” Cartridges
  • Made from barley extract and designed especially for beer
  • Taste and odor free
  • Each pod prints up to 1200 designs
Coupon Code: SPD2023_NGN

Are you Ready?

Make your own luck all year by creating personalized experiences for your guests with Ripples.

Drink Your Own Face!

If you have any questions, or to get started on your custom design pack, please contact Marketing Communications Manager Ronit Tal at [email protected].