Create Change: Join the Ripples Earth Day Challenge

The Ripples Earth Day Challenge seeks designers and AI mavericks. Unleash your creativity and embrace the power of design to inspire change on the most eco-friendly viral platform.

What is the Ripples Earth Day Challenge?

This isn’t just any design challenge.
It’s where art meets impact and where your vision decorates beverages worldwide.

Why Participate?

Gain unmatched global exposure, join the community and collaborate on ongoing design projects with top brands, and see your designs come to life on beverages worldwide and potentially go viral, sparking conversations and emotions across social networks.
Embrace the challenge.

How to Participate?

Create 1700 x 1700 pixel design showcasing an idea about sustainability or appreciation for nature. Include a sentence to explain your inspiration, and submit by April 19th, 2024. If chosen, your design will be featured for Earth Day around the globe!