One Ripple Is Worth a Thousand ‘I Do’s!

January 28, 2019

Last fall, our Facebook team received a message from Emanuel Velez, a customer looking for a special cafe in lower Manhattan that served Ripples. His story immediately got our attention.
Three years earlier, on March 19, 2015 (he remembers the date vividly!), Emanuel’s then girlfriend had presented him with a cappuccino that said “I love you”. No one had ever said that to him before, and naturally, he panicked.
His response, a simple “thanks”, didn’t exactly convey what he felt…or what his girlfriend had hoped to hear. But Emanuel knew that the time would come to redeem himself.
Three years later, that time had arrived. So he bought a ring, hired a photographer, and planned a trip to New York City that hit all the top spots, including the perfect cafe where he could propose with a Ripple.

When he reached out to our team we gave him a list of options (downloading the Ripples app also helps you find nearby venues), and offered to have the Ripples Creative team design something custom just for the occasion. This time, however, Emanuel knew exactly what he wanted to say and he was prepared with a Ripple of his own.
Emanuel presented his girlfriend with a special Ripples message that was just for her, made extra meaningful because it bridged a moment in time that had brought their relationship to the next level.
Her response? We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…